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The quest for the ultimate elixir that can promise the fountain of youth has definitely not stopped. If CLEO-patra still lives today, I reckon she will be grumbling over this unfair superficial advantage. With this newly launched technique, which I am confident it will easily mark its way into the top 5 of anti-ageing breakthrough, emits wavelengths ( λ ) of infrared light ( IR ) which purpose is to tunnel through the skin and create many minute openings that can prompt the skin into restoration mode and promote the collagen production.

"With this newly launched equipment, which I am confident it will easily mark its way to the top 5 of anti-ageing breakthrough, emits wavelengths ( λ )of infrared light (IR)"
The US marines had used this IR for the night vision equipment during the Iraqi war. While the fractional delivery system is novel, the CO2 isn’t a new kid on the block. Although it is being used only by a minority of practitioner, fractional CO2 laser is already receiving warm inquiries for its ability to improve skin texture and remove dark spots on face, remove pigmentation and as well as wrinkles. It is predicted that this fractional CO2 laser resurfacing will gain its popularity and momentum, as undeniably being one of the fewer exciting advances in the field of non surgical skin rejuvenation department. There are 4 kinds of laser resurfacing work with CO2 that are present in the market:

1) CO2 laser ablative resurfacing ( traditional method being used in the 90’s )
2) CO2 laser superficial ablative FRACTIONAL resurfacing
3) CO2 laser non-ablative FRACTIONAL resurfacing
4) CO2 laser ablative FRACTIONAL resurfacing ( recent development )

To many, the advantages of the ablative fractional CO2 laser resurfacing outclassed everything else – taking at least 7-10 years off the patient’s appearance.

Did You Know? Did You know? IR itself has a range of wavelengths, and they all cannot be seen with naked eyes. Long IR can be felt like the thermal radiation emitted from camp fire or house heater. Shorter IR cannot be felt and a good example is the TV remote controller.



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